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Master Gunner Identification Badge


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The U.S. Army's Master Gunner Identification Badge (MGIB) recognizes soldiers who complete one of eight U.S. Army master gunner courses and is an indicator for commanders and soldiers to value the master gunner's advice regarding the training and employment of weapon systems.
The eight qualifying courses are:

  1. Avenger Master Gunner Course
  2. Aviation Master Gunner Course
  3. Field Artillery Master Gunner Course.
  4. Infantry Fighting Vehicle Master Gunner Course.
  5. M1A2 SEP Master Gunner Course.
  6. Master Gunnery-M1/M1A1 Tank Course.
  7. Patriot Master Gunner Course.
  8. Stryker Master Gunner Course.


  • Available in Nickel Anodized, Silver Ox, and Subdued Black finishes
  • All finishes feature a crisp black epoxy around the text
  • All items come with 3 wing-back clutches (each)
  • 100% Made in the USA

This item has been manufactured in accordance with applicable government specifications under SMP's certification No. U24.

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