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EOD Badge - Regulation Size


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The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge is a military badge which recognizes those service members, qualified as explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians, who are specially trained to deal with the construction, deployment, disarmament, and disposal of high explosive munitions and may include other types of ordnance such as nuclear, biological and chemical weapons along with improvised explosive devices (IED) and improvised nuclear devices (IND). 

This badge is available in the standard Silver Anodized (Hand-polished, Nickel plated), Silver Antique (TIOH spec. #14), and 'subdued' (Matte Black). The Master crab is also available in Gold Anodized (Hand-polished, gold plated) as an award of the U.S. Navy. 


 This item has been manufactured in accordance with applicable government specifications under certification No. U24.

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