Our Mission – A Band For Brothers

Our Mission


We are a family company from New England, committed to bringing unrivaled quality to the manufacturing of military awards and insignias. Learn more about our history here or see what we are working on below to serve you better.

Why A Band For Brothers?

Through the years in our discussions with military veterans who had served their country, we noticed they kept coming back to one thing: the Brotherhood. What is the Brotherhood? It’s knowing the guy next to you is willing to lay down his life to help you get back home. It’s a Brotherhood born from the shared experience of sacrifice and loss. Born from accomplishing the mission together. Born from partaking in the legacy of those who came and sacrificed before.  We kept hearing “It’s about the Brotherhood,” and we wanted to craft something for the Brotherhood.

Why A Ring?

Ring’s have a way of communicating the things that have shaped us, and the things that we are most deeply committed to. Our milestones. Our relationships. Our schools. Our teams. They band us together, with a common purpose. They remind us of what we’re willing to live for, what we’re willing to suffer for, and sometimes even die for.

We wanted to craft a symbol of the connection between the brothers; to their fellow service members in both the present and the past. So in our effort to connect the Brotherhood with each other and with their heritage, we created A Band for Brothers.