ABFB by SMP: A concept that is not new, but rather past due. – A Band For Brothers

ABFB by SMP: A concept that is not new, but rather past due.

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I grew up in the medal industry but for about 10 years left it to pursue other endeavors. After being pulled back in (I guess you could say it was in my blood), I noticed that the military products being produced were, to put it nicely, not very good! I thought of what the old time craftsmen would probably think and decided that the only way I would get back in, all in, was to be the best! I would turn back to the basics, do the products that meant the most to me and to so many others, set up and hold true to these principles:

• Surround myself with the best people in the industry that felt the same way I did

• Duplicate or improve the quality levels from the past

• Make all products 100% made in the U.S.A.

Sounds pretty easy and it actually was.

Now a TOIH certified manufacturer (U-24).

My next steps were:

• Find out what products bring the most pride for the veteran community and their families.

• Figure out how to bring the best quality in the industry directly to them at the best possible price.

• Capture the quality; then always work on improving it.

Not so easy- how do we survive in an unfriendly manufacturing environment in an industry controlled by monster companies that are doing the exact opposite.

This produced the birth of A Band For Brothers Retail Company, brought directly to you from our manufacturing company SMP.

We work with the best, expect the best and serve the best!

With you in mind:

• We do all we can do

• Let the community tell us what they want, and always listen to them

• We say what we do and do what we say

Thank you for supporting us, and thank you for allowing us to honor your service in this way. 

Scott S.

A Band for Brothers - the New 3-star Quality Standard


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